In depth information Suriname Animals and WildLife

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ParrotParamaribo  is specifically setup to provide information about animal and wildlife of Suriname. We are not associated with Suriname’s only zoo Paramaribo Zoo which has it’s own website at  ( we think!!!!). At Paramaribo Zoo you will find in dept information about animals native to Suriname from the smallest ants to the Giant anaconda. Paramaribo is currently looking for volunteers to help in setting up this website.

Paramaribo mission is to provide an online virtual zoo for Suriname Animals and Wildlife. Its second mission is to provide information for everyone from students to animal lovers with information regarding wild life in Suriname. as a third mission Paramaribo wants to add value to Eco Tourism in Suriname which is in an up rise right Tigernow! We welcome visitors from all over the world to explore our website and see what Suriname has on animal and Wildlife.

in this website you will find all kind of animals including, Birds, Lions, Snakes, ants, toads, Fish etc etc. For suggestions and comments please send your mails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  • Paramaribo Zoo
  • Paramaribo Zoo
  • Paramaribo Zoo
  • Paramaribo Zoo
  • Paramaribo Zoo


Does Suriname need an online virtual zoo

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